We're going to make some games! Follow along and see what happens!

- Victor & Dillon



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May 19

Hello! It's been much longer than we thought we'd update the log. How's everyone doing? Updated a couple of prompts- if you have ones that you think would be good, shoot us an email!

Thanks to everyone's who's commented and left feedback. We always appreciate it :)

April 11

If you'd like to help us type things to make fun things (i.e. build games!) please reach out! helloplayfromhome@gmail.com :) We'd love another pair of hands so we can keep up with things!

April 9

Thank you for your feedback! We've fixed up Spectrum and will maybe fix things up even more in a bit. We're also hoping to unify the 'room code' system. More on that later!

April 8

We have a new game! It's called LETTERS. This game is built on a whole new framework that'll allow us to build more games more efficiently in the future, hopefully with fewer connection-related bugs! Let us know what you think. Interested in contributing prompts? Please let us know. We need so many prompts. Someone help.

Quote of the day:
Dillon: I move fast and break things.
Victor: I move slow and break things.
Dillon: Perfect. I'll move fast and break things, and you can move slowly and break anything I missed.

April 5

We fixed a bunch of bugs! I mean, err, we removed a bunch of features.

"Phantom" user should no longer exist (but let us know if they do come back to haunt you). A minor exorcism was performed. Results pending. Scoring for the person who submits the phrase is now the average (no longer half the average). Other minor cosmetic fixes. Also, thanks to the CADLab team for submitting a whole slew of prompts!

April 1

Thanks for everyone who playtested! Looks like we've got a bit more work to do...

March 29

Spectrum is online. Expect some light fixes every now and then. Did I say light? I meant to say, extremely heavy and overhaul-like changes. Mark this day- we begin using git branches. I know, impressive. What a time to be alive.

Time to start the next game! See you in a week! "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt" - Dillon

March 27

Hello! We now have a domain name! playfromhome.us. We had a long internal debate about whether or not we should get playfromho.me. It's not bad, but a little unfortunate.